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The annotations in red are a description of the relevant offence in that section of the Act.


The contents of Sections 35 and 36 of the National Road Traffic Act Please note that we are presenting the wording of this section verbatim, as it appears in the Act and therefore, any spelling errors, etc. Sections 35 and 36 of the National Road Traffic Act read as follows: Reckless or Negligent Driving c section 65 1 , 2 or 5 , where such person is the holder of a driving licence or a licence and permit, shall be suspended in the case of — i a first offence, for a period of at least six months; ii a second offence, for a period of at least five years; or iii a third or subsequent offence, for a period of at least ten years, calculated from the date of sentence.

Procedure subsequent to suspension or cancellation of licence or permit 1 Where a court has issued an order that any licence or any permit be suspended or cancelled, the prescribed procedure shall be followed. In areas where the Criminal Procedure Act administers traffic law, this will take the form of a notice issued in terms of Section of the Criminal Procedure Act.

This document must be posted to you within 30 days of the alleged commission of the offence. Whichever document you receive, you will be informed that a summons in terms of Section 54 of the Criminal Procedure Act will be issued and served on you. There is no stipulated timeframe within which a summons must be issued and served, however the National Prosecuting Authority has stipulated that this must be done within 18 months in the Western Cape and 24 months in Gauteng, after which the matter should be withdrawn.

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Failing to appear in court on a criminal summons will lead to a Warrant of Arrest being issued against you. You will be taken to a police station and detained whilst your fingerprints are taken and a criminal docket is registered against your name. You may be released on bail to appear in court at a stipulated date and time on the criminal charges that have been brought against you.

Failing to appear in court will lead to a Warrant of Arrest being issued against you.

If you work for a financial institution, it is likely that part of your employment contract will include periodic criminal record checks and the incursion of one will give your employer grounds to dismiss you. If you make application to emigrate to a foreign country, you will be refused on the grounds that you have a criminal record.

A valid reason for speeding would be reacting to an emergency situation, etc. If you agree to pay an admission of guilt fine without going through the motions of undergoing a trial, you will still incur a criminal record. Every trudge around the perimeter fence of the Australian super-mall and its satellite stadium is a recapitulation of William Blake 's itinerary, as laid out in his mythopoeic masterpiece, Jerusalem: Old Stratford, transport hub, retail cathedral, birthplace of the Jesuit poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins , drew me back with its intimations of a new England, a city state outside time and beyond culture.

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Compulsory diversions have been arranged, systems of barricades and cones, to funnel random pedestrians through chasms of glass and steel towards the shimmering illusion of the Westfield oasis. It took something special to make me reach for my camera, all the evidence had already been logged and relogged. Just as my futile presence, in its turn, was captured on hours of security tape, scans from overhead drones. Walking away from the revamped container stack looking over the Olympic stadium, I found something worth recording.

The poster with the smirking, corkscrew-haired young woman chosen to promote another meaningless development opportunity had been customised with black pennies over the eyes, stickers announcing: Was this a band paying their respects to Henri Gaudier-Brzeska?

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Savage Messiah is the title of a biography of the sculptor, by HS Ede , published in Or was it an art school tribute to the subversive dynamism of Blast and Wyndham Lewis? In a shallow, fast-twitch period we thrive on commodified speed-dating, quoting the quote, Xeroxing energy sources to make them into marketable brands. If Ede's book was not the inspiration, perhaps the neo-Vorticists of Stratford had chanced on Ken Russell 's film with the same title, scripted by the poet Christopher Logue , and featuring Dorothy Tutin and Scott Antony as the fated pair, Gaudier and his Polish lover, the troubled Sophie Brzeska?

The mystery of the defaced poster was solved when I discovered Laura Oldfield Ford 's samizdat pamphlets, recording moody expeditions, pub crawls, mooches through the kingdom of the dead that is liminal London. Even the author's name seemed like a serendipitous marriage of Blake's Old Ford and the poet Charles Olson's notion of open-field poetics the contrary of the current fetish for enclosures.

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The original Savage Messiah "zines" are serial diaries of ranting and posing among ruins. Ford delivers the prose equivalent of a photo-romance in quest of a savage messiah with attitude, cheekbones and wolverine eyes. A feral, leather-jacketed manifestation of place. Collided into a great block, the catalogue of urban rambles takes on a new identity as a fractured novel of the city.

Slim pamphlets, now curated and glossily repackaged, have an awkward relationship with their guerrilla source.